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Fort Worth Milestone Photographer | Emory's Heirloom Portraits

I have a Promptly journal where I've been documenting different things about my baby boy each month during his first year. Because I'm such a horrible journal writer it's been a great way for me to stay caught up on his different milestones, corky habits, and tender moments. There are things I write down that I think I'll always remember, but as he approaches turning one I look back on the earlier months and realize there are things I've already forgotten. Milestone sessions are the perfect way to capture images of each of your little one's stages!

At Emory's milestone session we were able to capture her gummy smile and dimpled fingers! Her session was at the Lumen Room, and between her and her mom's outfits there was the perfect amount of Southern Charm! Everything from Emory's beautiful lace dress, to her white bonnet was just the right mix of cute and classy. I love how her heirloom portraits turned out. The classic white vignette is a southern style of photography that has withstood the test of time, and adds a timeless touch to Emory's gallery.


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