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Fort Worth Milestone Session | Maziee Turns Two!

During the milestone session as I watched Mazie twirling and picking flowers, several lines from the song "Oh Darling" by my dear Taylor Swift, kept running through my head.

"Oh, darlin', don't you ever grow up

Don't you ever grow up

It could stay this simple

I won't let nobody hurt you

Won't let no one break your heart

And no one will desert you

Just try to never grow up"

I kept thinking how simple it is to protect our children at this age. To keep them safe and shielded from the heartaches of the world. That so many ailments can be cured with a mother's kiss.

Over the past several years, me and all my siblings have moved out of my parent's house and had our own unique experiences with heartache. Yet, as I talk with my mother it's evident that her love and worry for our well being hasn't decreased with our age, or distance for the passing oof time. It's just now that we're grown our problems aren't as simple. Our "owes" can't be cured with a kiss. Yet still, somehow, when things are going wrong, just having our mother there can make it better.

This knowledge comforts me both as a daughter and as a mother. I find peace knowing that even when my own baby boy grows up and stops holding my hand when he's scared, or asking me to "kiss it better" when he scrapes his knee, that I'll still be able to comfort him. that no matter how old he gets, he'll still find protection from the heartaches of the world in my love.


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